Law Firm Profile

The Pavlos K. Sarakis & Associates, Law Firm offers top quality legal services in a wide number of fields of law, defending and prosecuting cases before Greek courts of all levels and the European Court of Human Rights.

Our staff consists of a team of noteworthy lawyers who stand out for the depth of their legal knowledge, their professional experience, personality and ethics. Every lawyer specialises in a particular field of law and -taken as a whole- make for a remarkable team whose goal is to diligently and efficiently promote the interests and rights of our clients.

The academic prowess and proven professional skill of our lawyers coupled with our outstanding organisational structures and well-stocked physical and digital library. which is being added to every day, allows us to rightly be proud of the high quality of legal services we offer. We stand out for the diligent way in which we prepare for every case, for our in-depth study of the case law and our excellent courtroom presentation. We handle every case in the strictest of confidence

We are proud of our successes in the fields of legal advice and litigation.

Our unique court-room experience is capitalised upon when providing legal advice. We make recommendations, provide support and act to safeguard your legal interests. We provide respected, reliable opinions on issues you raise with us. We also provide drafting services for agreements and contracts. We also act as intermediaries in out-of-court settlements of cases for individuals and companies in a reliable, efficient manner. If settlement is not achieved, we are always prepared to litigate the matter.

Our team of lawyers and selected external associates / consultants in various areas of specialisation, who stand out for their academic background and their experience in the real world, also allows us to provide not just legal advice to natural persons and legal entities but also taxation advice and advice on business management, investments, corporate takeovers and issuance of Golden Visa.

We can also set up negotiating teams to support and close major business deals in Greece and abroad.

Our philosophy is to provide prompt, efficient, top quality services to all natural persons and legal entities.

We focus on each case we take on in a responsible, diligent manner. Our professionalism obliges us to manage each and every case in a responsible, diligent manner, irrespective of the legal or financial importance of the case.

Our goal is to provide full legal coverage thereby safeguarding the rights of individuals or the interests of a company. For us it is vital that you feel certain that your case is being handled properly…at the lowest possible cost.

We have the experience. We have the strategic skills. You are right to put your trust in us.
Our duty is to succeed !

The law firm is managed and run by the criminal law expert Pavlos K. Sarakis.

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