Petros Sarakis

Peter Sarakis

Peter Sarakis achieved the introduction of the Medical School of Athens, between the first and graduated among the first. Excellence is a philosophy of life for him, accompanying him from his school years to come.

Each surgery undertaken to do, is to the highest standards of Plastic Surgery internationally. Trained in General Surgery and then specialized in Surgery, in G.N.P «St. Andrew.» During the specification and served as Chief Resident member of the Scientific Board of the Hospital. He continued his postgraduate studies in innovative technical specialization abroad in top private clinics, which is currently developing the aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The doctor throughout his life teaches and learns, so Peter Sarakis collaborates with private hospitals in Switzerland, Germany and elsewhere in Greece to bring cutting-edge scientific techniques.

The professionalism and service quality to be enjoyed by the patient and client, Petey canker in decision to study at the Medical Economics, leisure time was specializer. He holds a master’s degree master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), the Department of Business Administration, University of Patras. In Klinki of applying all the principles of Management Science, making our services affordable, with simplified procedures, anthropocentric, hassle, and above all safely and effect.

Peter Sarakis has participated in medical conferences, scientific papers has to advanced methods, has taken part in free autologous tissue (free flap) – one of the most demanding technical and reconstructive surgery is often invited as a speaker on issues of Plastic Surgery. Also, it is cognizant of the latest techniques of specialization, serious and sincere expert, so often the opinion is housed on news broadcasts and authoritative channels.

He is a member of the international club of people with high intelligence Mensa.

His philosophy can be summarized as follows:

«Offers no cure, not sure result.

The result we provide must be the best of what can be done.

The result should be even better than what awaits the patient. »

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