U.S. Embassy

U.S. Embassy in Athens

The building of the U.S. Embassy in Athens, designed by the famous architect of the Bauhaus school, Walter Gropius. Its construction lasted from 1959 to 1961 and the building was declared architectural monument.

In 2003, the U.S. Embassy and the Municipality of Athens welcomed the addition of a new green space – park road Macedonians – in the city of Athens. The design and planting of this walkway, which was due to increasing needs for security, was an opportunity for us to give something back to our neighborhood and to show our sensitivity to our neighbors. Similarly, the new office building aesthetically improved the entire space of the Embassy.

The famous Gropius plan for the building of the Embassy based on simple forms of Bauhaus and, as he said the architect was inspired by the architecture of the Parthenon. The new building, designed by Kallman, MakKinel and Wood, has classic and simple lines, and will co-exist with the old building.

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